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“I had never heard of your company and rolled one (soft model) at Golftown here in Canada yesterday. I can’t say exactly why but it’s the best feeling blade I’ve ever picked up and I bought it immediately. Fantastic feel at impact, distance control was spot on and the take away was so STABLE to me (especially for a blade) that I knew I was getting great roll out. Just wanted to say thanks for making a great product! Well done guys!”

-Kyle D.

"Won my match. My Sentio is proving to be my savior. Clutch putts all day with that great FEEL."

- Steve N.

"I am using your putter for the start of my second season with it. I cannot tell you how much improvement I, and my fellow golfers, have seen in my putting. I would have never thought a putter could make that much difference. I just wanted to thank you, and thought you should know that your product is a fantastic one."

- Jim C.

"The ball rolls off the face very nicely. Has a great feel. The ball rolls true to its line. Very happy with the putter."

- Terry Crimmins. P.G.A.

Unquestionably the most responsive putter I have ever used. Personally, I think it performs on the same level as the other boutique brands and outperforms most all the OEMs.”

- Vall M.

“If you are looking for a new putter you should put the Sentio right up there with the best putters you know.”

- John B.

I’m addicted to the feel from the Sentio putter. This putter was a game changer for me. It gets better and better for me the more I use it. I think the one thing this company needs is more press so they can get their product into the hands of more retailers and let people test it out. Once people give it a chance, I think they will be very, very impressed.”

- Chad H.

I've never experienced this kind of distance control in my life. This Sentio unseated my gamer and is now a permanent resident in the bag. I NEVER thought I would putt with anything that wasn't created by Bettinardi or Cameron. I still cannot believe that it performed so well that it left me without a choice.”

- Andrew F.

"The more I use this, the more I appreciate the engineering that was put into it to make such a phenomenal putter. The feel I have when striking the ball is perfect and the results are wonderful! Thank you for coming up with this product, it really makes my putting much better."

- Wes Bolyard

"I just got this putter and spent two hours on the practice green yesterday.  Great putter...love the alignment feature, distance consistency, the look/style and of course the feel. I know it's a tough market, but I hope Sentio can persevere in its quest for success."

- Dennis O.