Privacy Policy


Updated 03/21/2018

Thank you for visiting Sentio Golf. We use a number of web-based platforms to create our online presence and conduct our business. As such, we are bound to follow the privacy policies and Terms of Service for these platforms. As a customer of Sentio Golf you are agreeing to the terms of these platforms. If you do not agree to their terms, you should not continue to use our website or e-commerce portals. Sentio Golf is not able to control or change the policies and terms of the third-party platforms we use.

That said, we have chosen to work with only the most reputable partners to provide our services to our customers. Your privacy is something we take very seriously. Sentio Golf will never sell your information to a third party.

These are the platforms currently used by Sentio Golf to conduct online business, including a description of how we use them and links to their privacy policies:

Our website

The website is hosted by, and is constructed using, Squarespace. Their privacy policy can be found here


All online commerce is handled through Stripe, which is one of the most trusted and popular online payment platforms in the world. E-commerce websites on Squarespace (like ours) are integrated with Stripe for payment processing as a rule. Your credit card information is not visible to Sentio Golf during an online transaction, and is not accessible afterward by us. You can find Stripe's privacy policy here.  

Email Marketing & Newsletters

We use Mailchimp for email integration, mailing lists, and newsletters. When you sign up for our newsletter on, the information you enter (name and email address) is saved to our secure list on Mailchimp. You can find Mailchimp's privacy policy here.

Besides using the mailing list signup form on our website, there are other times when your information (such as name, email address, etc.) may be saved to an email list. Examples may include participation in a contest or giveaway, requesting information from Sentio about our products or promotions, signing up for demos, requesting a free trial, etc. We offer this as a service to you, never to sell your information to someone else. You always have the option to be removed from the list by using the link at the bottom of a newsletter. 

SEO and social

At times we may run ads on Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to direct people to Sentio Golf websites. These and other search engines and social media sites have their own privacy policies and terms of service which, as a user of them, you must accept. Some of these sites may require "cookies" or other marking devices that track your activities online. Sentio Golf has no control over these sites and their terms/policies.