Top 10 finish for Sentio in 2017 MyGolfSpy Most Wanted Blade Test

On March 2, kicked off their annual tests of the best clubs on the market with their list of the best-performing blade putters for 2017.  And for the second straight year, Sentio made the top 10!

MyGolfSpy's results are purely objective, based on testing data they collect using human testers putting from various distances.  If you aren't familiar with their methodology, they use a modified strokes gained method called SG18:

Each putter is put through a comprehensive test. This includes a series of putts from distances of 5, 10 and 20 feet. The equivalent of 18 holes is played with each putter, and by each golfer in the test. The total number of putts required to finish each hole is recorded and at the completion of the test, a Strokes Gained 18 value (SG18) is calculated for each putter.

The Sierra 101-S that was tested finished with a positive SG18 score of .26, meaning that it performed better than the group average by a 1/4 stroke over 18 holes.  This is a group that includes the biggest names in golf - pretty good for a sophomore effort.

We are excited to have our technology once again validated against the best putters in the business.  If you needed proof that our putters can improve your game, I think you just got it.

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