Metrogolfmag Review of Sentio 101

"Revolutionary" isn't a word to be used lightly.  So when an equipment editor at a golf magazine uses it to describe our putters, it's worth noting to say the least.

Reid Nelson, the equipment editor at Metrolina Golf Magazine, reviewed a Sierra 101-Medium for the online publication, and had some pretty impressive things to say:

Further, we found that the consistency Varney spoke about translates into a seemingly innate distance control on the greens. Our Sentio Sierra 101 demo putter produced putts that “rolled out” within inches of the desired distance almost intuitively. More impressively, putts intentionally struck off-center – one-half inch toward the heel or toe – suffered almost no distance loss over center hits.

Reid also noted the way the TPE core forms an alignment aid at address, to his particular benefit:

Also, we discovered that, because it is visible at address, the translucent TPE layer provides another benefit, in addition to enhanced feel. The perpendicular line formed by the insert acts as an alignment aid at address.  (As someone who has always placed the ball with the name perpendicular to the line, I found this feature particularly appealing.)

Check out the full review here.