LinksNation Shines Spotlight on Sentio

Back in January, golf writer Jason Bruno called Sentio the best thing he saw at the PGA Merchandise Show.  Now that he's had a chance to roll all 4 of our putter models, he can say how they feel too:

The colorful polymer center makes rolling the rock a virtual euphoria of golf bliss. Sentio is the real deal.

Jason's review on is one of the best you'll find anywhere - well researched, in-depth, and comprehensive.  As someone who has reviewed virtually every putter to come out in recent memory (and who's no slouch on the course either) his independent opinion carries a lot of weight.  From the start, he understood the powerful potential of our technology.

Sentio is the Latin word for feel and that's exactly what this new putter brand is about.

Until now, the concept of innovating variances of feel in a putter was thought to be an elusive intangible that wasn't feasible to create.

Jason is especially fond of the Century Edition:

The contrasting silver face and black body of the Century Edition is striking, and creates a bold alignment feature. The simple and clean look at address inspires confidence.

Even after all that, in his closing remarks he drops a bombshell:

In all of the years of testing putters, none has ever replaced the custom Scotty Studio Select Newport 2 Midslant that has been in my bag for every golf course review, money game and stroke play event over the past 8 1/2 years - until to say a flatstick has to be worthy to become "The Gamer".

For the past month or so, I've been gaming a Sierra with green feel...[it] will likely get the nod for a prolonged period.

See Jason's full review, along with tons of images, here.