Do you have demo sets?

No, unfortunately we do not have sets of demo putters available to send out to individual customers.  However, if you buy one of our Sierra putters you can SWAP it for FREE one time for another model within 30 days of purchase.  Details are on our Returns & Shipping page.

The best option is to try out our putters at one of our retail partner locations.  A list of places where you can try out our putters is here.  We will be expanding our presence at retail, so keep checking if you don't see one in your area.

If you want Sentio carried at your local golf store or pro shop, let us know!  We will contact them directly.

When will my order ship?

All putters are now in stock and usually ship within a week of order confirmation.  Each putter is assembled to your specifications prior to shipping.  You will receive an automatic notification email when your order is fulfilled.

I see 3 options; how do I know which Sierra is for me?

If you aren't sure which model to choose, try our Feel Selector for a recommendation!

If your last putter had an insert, or your home course has fast greens, the 101-S (soft) or 101-M (medium) might be a good fit.  If you tend to prefer milled putters, the 101-F (firm) is a good place to start.  Ultimately it's up to you, but you can't go wrong.

What's with the colors?

The cores are molded in translucent colors primarily to help differentiate between the firmness levels, but also because it allows you to see our technology at work.  Being see-though highlights the fact that the metal face and body are truly separated - they never touch - which is why our putters feel so smooth.  The translucent color is actually pretty subtle at address - it appears as a dark line parallel with the face.  It's only when lit from behind that the color really pops. 

Do the models have different head weights?

The Sierra 101 putters are all the same weight - 350 grams.  Future models will include adjustable weights and other features, so stay tuned.

What is your shipping policy?

We currently ship to the US and Canada only, but check back soon as we are working on accommodating other international customers and will continue to update this page with current policies.  Please see our Returns & Shipping page for more information.

Have your putters been reviewed by the USGA?

Yes. Sentio putters conform with the rules of golf.

Do you have lefty putters?

Not yet, but we're working on it. 

How do I order wholesale?

Please contact us for more information.  

For wholesale requests, or any other inquiries, please use the Contact page form.  We will respond promptly.