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Dynamic Response 

Sentio™ Golf develops the most innovative and technologically advanced putters on the market.  

Our patented "Dynamic Response" technology isolates the entire face with a dampening polymer core, providing intuitive distance control and exceptional feel.  

Our putters feature a range of color-coded firmness levels to fit any player's preference.

"85% of golfers say that FEEL is the most important factor when choosing a putter."

— Golf DataTech

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Only 100 made.

CNC milled from 303 stainless billet,

individually numbered with a black/bronze PVD finish

and soft green core. LEARN MORE




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Choose the feel YOU want!

We know that feel is personal, and just one option won't appeal to everyone.  That's why the Sierra 101 is available in 3 models, allowing players to select the level of dampening and specific color to suit their preference.

  • GREEN/SOFT - This model has a buttery-soft core, perfect for those who are used to playing with an insert, or who regularly putt on fast greens.
  • RED/MEDIUM - Our middle-feel option for general conditions; not too hot and not too soft.
  • BLUE/FIRM - For those who prefer a more solid feel, or who regularly putt on slow greens.

All models include:

  • GROOVED STAINLESS STEEL FACE for a crisp sound and consistent roll

  • HIGH MOI resulting from low density polymer core & heel/toe design

  • VARIABLE DAMPENING CHANNELS in the back of the face help correct for off-center hits

  • PERPENDICULAR ALIGNMENT AID naturally formed by floating face

  • SUBTLE SPLASH OF COLOR denotes firmness level of core 




Distance Control

Although most players think of feel as simply a choice between insert-faced putters and non-insert solid-body putters there is a surprising difference between these two extremes. 

Measured in COR (Coefficient of Restitution), polymer-based inserts reduce the energy transferred to the ball by as much as 15% compared to non-insert putters (that’s 3 feet short from 20 feet away!).  Using a longer or more forceful stroke can exaggerate swing flaws and make judging distance difficult.   

Sentio's patented construction creates a soft feel with a high COR for better distance control.


"Most 3 putts are from poor distance control rather than 1st putt line.

The difference with the Sentio putter is greater distance control and feel matched to stroke style."

- Steve Bann

Professional Golf Coach to KJ Choi, Stuart Appleby, Danny Lee, etc., co-founder of BannLynch Golf, 2010 Australian PGA Coach Of The Year, nominated to the World Golf Hall of Fame.